For over 40 years the name Il Fiorino has been synonymous with quality in the sector of fine art and promotional calendars.
An integral part of the ABCTipografia group, it is able to handle in-house the whole process of creation of calendars, from the design to the end product.
This catalogue is devoted entirely to customizable calendars and comprises various types: from the classic two-color ones, always highly practical and effective, to the splendid fine art calendars that are the company’s true specialty, making it one of the most significant publishers in the sector.
All the illustrated calendars in the catalogue are customizable by overprinting your logo in one or more colors on all the pages, a feature that guarantees, month after month, the quality and the efficacy of your image.

In addition to the calendars presented in the catalogue, Il Fiorino creates exclusive editions, completely customized from design to finished product.

We invite you to look at the gallery with our proposals.
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