The company was founded in Florence in 1967 and has grown over the years, establishing a reputation for quality, reliability and flexibility in the supply of printed material of all kinds.
The continual renewal of our equipment makes us one of the most dynamic and advanced printing houses in Tuscany today, and allows us to provide a complete service in which special attention is paid to the whole work flow, so as to meet every need.

In recent years, ABC has pursued a policy of acquisition of historical printing houses in the Tuscan region. From this perspective the Poligrafico Fiorentino has brought its own knowhow in the publishing and commercial field to the company, while “Il Fiorino,” a brand famous for its production of calendars and stationery, has introduced us into the world of promotional material. The most recent takeover has been that of Cartotecnica MB, which is going to influence the future commercial strategies of the company.


Aluminum plates engraved

In fact the three core activities of the company, offset printing, digital printing and paper transformation, are now located in a single production facility of 3,000 sq. m, allowing us to carry out the greater part of the manufacturing process in one place, from the first stages of graphic design to packaging, greatly reducing both delivery times and the end price.

I nostri reparti

Hardware, software and, above all, attentive service. The prepress department makes use of a powerful piece of software for the management of the work flow that is able to pilot both the output of the CTP (Computer-to-Plate) machine and the inking of the printing presses on the basis of the actual coverage needed in order to reduce startup times. The graphic project is evaluated each time together with the client, to whom we are always happy to suggest the best solutions for the realization of works.

The equipment present in our production facilities ranges from small and medium-format offset presses to the latest generation of digital machines and machinery used in the paper-transformation department. A structure that allows us to manufacture all kinds of product: from business cards to posters, from advertising brochures to art catalogues and books and from display cases to the most sophisticated forms of packaging.


Sheets of paper printed

But it is in human resources that the secret of our success lies: our clients know they can rely on us. It is known as family feeling, that immediate sensation of relief you get when you are dealing with situations in which you are at your ease. It is without doubt our greatest virtue; each member of ABC’s staff is a highly trained and cordial professional: with us you will realize at once that you are in excellent hands.